Real Property

"A focused property set with strong expertise across residential landlord and tenant work, real property, and commercial real estate disputes, alongside specialist areas such as party walls."

Legal 500 2022

Our Real Property Expertise

Tanfield is a leader in Real Property issues, from Boundary Disputes and Easements to Land Registration.

Building on the Set’s ‘traditional’ Real Property expertise – including Registered Land, Unregistered Land, Conveyancing, Trusts of Land and Co-Ownership – members of Tanfield’s Real Property team boast niche expertise in such specialist matters as Village Greens & Commons, Public Rights of Way, Rights to Light and Party Walls.

Linked to Tanfield’s equally well-respected Landlord & Tenant practice, members have also developed a strong specialism in Property Damage, Social Housing, Construction & Developments.

What sets Tanfield apart, however, is the strength in depth the Set offers, across all levels of call and for all types of Real Property problem or dispute. Consistently called to represent clients in some of the most high profile and notable cases, at all levels of court.

Our Real Property Clients

With one of the most well-respected, enviable reputations for Real Property work, at the Bar, Tanfield’s clients include well-known property developers, some of the leading Real Property law firms, as well as both large and small landowners.

Our Real Property Barristers

Philip Rainey QC

Call 1990 Silk 2010

Iain G Mitchell QC

Call 1976 Silk 2012

Kerry Bretherton QC

Call 1992 Silk 2016

Christopher Heather QC

Call 1995 Silk 2017

Andrew Butler QC

Call 1993 Silk 2018

Timothy Polli QC

Call 1997 Silk 2018

Nicholas Isaac QC

Call 1993 Silk 2019

Mark Dencer

Call 1978

Charles Joseph

Call 1980

Sebastian Reid

Call 1982

Mark Loveday

Call 1986

Chris Maynard

Call 1988

Stan Gallagher

Call 1994

Robert Bowker

Call 1995

Karen Jones

Call 1995

Piers Harrison

Call 1997

Stuart Frame

Call 1997

Daniel Dovar

Call 1997

James Fieldsend

Call 1997

Nicola Muir

Call 1998

Marc Glover

Call 1999

Adrian Carr

Call 1999

Rebecca Cattermole

Call 1999

Ellodie Gibbons

Call 1999

Carl Fain

Call 2001

Tim Hammond

Call 2003

Jonathan Upton

Call 2004

Amanda Gourlay

Call 2004

Estelle Lear

Call 2006

Michael Walsh

Call 2006

Sam Madge-Wyld

Call 2008

Diane Doliveux

Call 2011

Richard Alford

Call 2011

Richard Granby

Richard Granby

Call 2012

Katie Gray

Call 2013

Robyn Cunningham

Call 2014

Will Beetson

Call 2015

James Castle

Call 2015

Hugh Rowan

Call 2021

Richard Miller

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