Our Nuisance Expertise

Nuisance is an unreasonable interference with land.

Members of Tanfield have a long-standing reputation for providing practical, expert advice on a full range of nuisance disputes including matters relating to noise, smoke and dust, as well as unpleasant odours and lights.

Tanfield stands out for its cross-disciplinary approach, offering specialism in both commercial and residential Property Law. Members act for both claimants and defendants in all levels of court and have a particular expertise representing clients in nuisance disputes relating to mixed-use developments, as well as those involving Social Housing.

Our Nuisance Clients

Tanfield has an enviable reputation for Real Property work. Its clients include well-known property developers, leading Real Property law firms, as well as both large and small landowners and commercial organisations.

Our Nuisance Barristers

Philip Rainey QC

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Kerry Bretherton QC

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Christopher Heather QC

Call 1995 Silk 2017

Andrew Butler QC

Call 1993 Silk 2018

Timothy Polli QC

Call 1997 Silk 2018

Nicholas Isaac QC

Call 1993 Silk 2019

Charles Joseph

Call 1980

Michael Bailey

Call 1986

Mark Loveday

Call 1986

Michael Buckpitt

Call 1988

Chris Maynard

Call 1988

Piers Harrison

Call 1997

Stuart Frame

Call 1997

Daniel Dovar

Call 1997

James Fieldsend

Call 1997

Nicola Muir

Call 1998

Marc Glover

Call 1999

Adrian Carr

Call 1999

Rebecca Cattermole

Call 1999

Carl Fain

Call 2001

Tim Hammond

Call 2003

Jonathan Upton

Call 2004

Gemma de Cordova

Call 2006

Michael Walsh

Call 2006

Richard Alford

Call 2011

Katie Gray

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Chloe Sheridan

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