Commercial Disputes

"Their particular forte is residential work but members also display aptitude in commercial."

UK Chambers 2019

Our Commercial Disputes Expertise

Tanfield’s Commercial Disputes barristers are known for their commitment to delivering expert advice in an innovative, practical form.

In an increasingly international marketplace, members of Tanfield are experienced in handling domestic, international and multi-jurisdictional matters. Our Commercial Disputes specialists understand the economic realities of commercial litigation, seeking International Dispute Resolution by negotiation, mediation or arbitration. As well as being prepared to pursue matters through robust and commercially relevant litigation in court.

Our Commercial Disputes Clients

Operating at all levels of seniority members of Tanfield are instructed through some of the leading commercial disputes firms, as well as by commercial clients ranging in size from sole traders through to large retailers and multinational organisations.

Our Commercial Disputes Barristers

Philip Rainey QC

Call 1990 Silk 2010

Iain G Mitchell QC

Call 1976 Silk 2012

Kerry Bretherton QC

Call 1992 Silk 2016

Andrew Butler QC

Call 1993 Silk 2018

Timothy Polli QC

Call 1997 Silk 2018

Nicholas Isaac QC

Call 1993 Silk 2019

David Guy

Call 1972

Charles Joseph

Call 1980

Sebastian Reid

Call 1982

Chris Maynard

Call 1988

Phillip Aliker

Call 1990

Daniel Dovar

Call 1997

Marc Glover

Call 1999

Adrian Carr

Call 1999

Ellodie Gibbons

Call 1999

Tim Hammond

Call 2003

Amanda Gourlay

Call 2004

Michael Walsh

Call 2006

Richard Alford

Call 2011

Katie Gray

Call 2013

Hugh Rowan

Call 2021