Professional Negligence

'Renowned for its strength in property law'. 'The set is also noted for cases that crossover with professional negligence'.

Legal 500 2017

Our Professional Negligence Expertise

Acting for both defendants and claimants, over recent years members of chambers have advised on some of the most high-profile and novel property-related claims against Accountants & Financial Advisers, Architects, Construction Professionals, Insurance Brokers, Planning Consultants, Solicitors and Valuers.

Members of Tanfield also advise on Professional Negligence claims against non-property professionals, including claims against Technology Professionals and Clinical Negligence claims, as well as non-property-related claims against Solicitors.

Our Professional Negligence Clients

Tanfield is establishing a strength in this niche area Professional Negligence, through its commitment to advising private individuals, insurers and corporate clients.

Flexible on funding, and not afraid to advance difficult or novel arguments, we have a strong presence in this area and offer a welcome, expert alternative to some of the traditional, broadly focused Professional Negligence sets.

Our Professional Negligence Barristers

Philip Rainey KC

Call 1990 Silk 2010

Andrew Butler KC

Call 1993 Silk 2018

Iain G Mitchell KC

Call 1976 Silk 1992 (Scotland)

Christopher Heather KC

Call 1995 Silk 2017

Timothy Polli KC

Call 1997 Silk 2018

Nicholas Isaac KC

Call 1993 Silk 2019

David Guy

Call 1972

Charles Joseph

Call 1980

Michael Bailey

Call 1986

Phillip Aliker

Call 1990

Daniel Dovar

Call 1997

James Fieldsend

Call 1997

Nicola Muir

Call 1998

Marc Glover

Call 1999

Adrian Carr

Call 1999

Carl Fain

Call 2001

Tim Hammond

Call 2003

James Castle

Call 2015