Commercial Disputes

“A streamline, dynamic group offering expertise in Russia, the Middle East, Africa and Asia, backed-up by first-rate junior support”

What sets Tanfield apart in the field of Commercial Disputes is the sheer range of its practitioners’ specialisms in this very diverse area.

Our expertise ranges from what might be considered mainstream commercial work – high value international sale and supply of goods disputes – to more niche areas, including banking, carriage of goods, insurance and tax. Certain practitioners also have specialisms in commercial work within specific fields of activity, such as arts and antiquities, construction, and information technology. Our strength in property work also gives us a particular depth in commercial cases arising in that field, including joint ventures, mortgage disputes and similar.

Operating at all levels of seniority, and backed by a first-class, dedicated clerking team, Tanfield’s Business and Commercial Team is amply equipped to meet the needs of lay and professional clients alike.