Tanfield Chambers – Legal 500 2021

30th September 2020

Following a year of substantial growth, Tanfield Chambers has once again been ranked highly in the Legal 500 directory. The set has solidified its position amongst the top property sets being ranked at tier two. The directory stated:

‘By far one of the best property sets’, Tanfield Chambers is ‘consistently recognised as a leader for leasehold enfranchisement’ matters in addition to service charge matters and landlord and tenant disputes. In recent years, the set has also significantly enhanced its reputation for real property, party wall, professional negligence, sale of land, commercial property and mortgage-related disputes. Philip Rainey QC serves as head of chambers; he made yet another appearance in the Supreme Court this year, leading Ellodie Gibbons in the case of Sequent Nominees Ltd v Hautford Ltd. The pair successfully convinced the Supreme Court to overturn the Court of Appeal’s decision that their client, the landlord, has unreasonably withheld consent for a tenant’s planning application. In a further piece of flagship litigation, Andrew Butler QC appeared in the case of Jones v Owen, successfully convincing the Supreme Court to refuse an appeal for a Chancery Division and later Court of Appeal ruling that land transferred to the defendants would be governed by restrictive covenants affecting the remainder of the claimants’ land.

Full results can be found here and on individual barrister profiles.

Property Litigation – Leading Silks

  • Philip Rainey QC“He is incredibly bright and able to address problems from a broad context.” (Tier 1)
  • Kerry Bretherton QC “She is very thorough and looks at many different angles, handling difficult clients well.” (Tier 4)
  • Christopher Heather QC“A fine academic mind yet also pragmatic and commercial in his approach.” (Tier 4)
  • Andrew Butler QC –  “He is quickly developing his silk practice.(Tier 4)
  • Timothy Polli QC – “Very intelligent, thrives on complex cases and issues, thinking of every possible angle.(Tier 4)
  • Nicholas Isaac QC – “He is a formidable advocate and is fantastic with clients from all backgrounds – managing HNW clients particularly effectively.” (New Silk)

Property Litigation – Leading Juniors

  • Mark Loveday“He is technically very strong and experienced, enhanced by his role as a Tribunal Judge on the Southern Panel.” (Tier 4)
  • Michael Buckpitt – “An exceptional advocate who is very clear thinking, analytical and knowledgeable.” (Tier 2)
  • Piers Harrison – “A master of the subject and one of the top barristers practicing in this field, both a thinker and a doer.” (Tier 4)
  • Daniel Dovar – “He has a good reputation.” (Tier 3)
  • James Fieldsend – “He plays the long game in complex litigation and ensures the case is set up to be water-tight from the outset.” (Tier 2)
  • Nicola Muir – “She is adept at thinking on her feet and has become a renowned barrister in the field of leasehold enfranchisement.” (Tier 3)
  • Ellodie Gibbons – “Strong legal knowledge in subject areas, very good on feet as an advocate, blended with commercial common sense and good client relations.” (Tier 4)
  • Marc Glover“He will fight tooth and nail when others would run a mile.” (Tier 2)
  • Rebecca Cattermole – “She is bright, efficient, and more confident on her feet than many of the incumbents, a serious challenger for property work.” (Tier 3)
  • Carl Fain – “He combines first-rate technical know how with sound commercial judgment and superb client management skills.” (Tier 2)
  • Jonathan Upton – “Very knowledgeable and experienced in service charges and enfranchisement.” (Tier 3)
  • Amanda Gourlay – “Technically very capable and has a very detailed knowledge of this area of law.” (Tier 3)
  • Michael Walsh – “Responsive, bright, user-friendly and a tenacious advocate.” (Tier 3)

Agriculture – Leading Juniors

  • Rebecca Cattermole – “Experienced, dedicated and knowledgeable in the agricultural field.” (Tier 1)

Social Housing – Leading Juniors

  • Rebecca CattermoleVery thorough, tenacious, excellent advocate.(Tier 3)
  • Sam Madge-Wyld – “Sam is intelligent and incisive. He can absorb complex and voluminous case papers quickly and get to the heart of the matter. Clients are confident when he is at the helm and he always delivers. He has a great rapport with clients who warm to him as soon as they meet him.(Tier 4)

Family Law (including divorce and financial remedy)

  • Gerald WilsonIs insightful and clever and someone who always exercises good judgment. He is excellent at dealing with clients however demanding or challenging they are. His knowledge is wide and detailed and well beyond the confines of family law so very useful to appoint in cases which are not run of the mill.(Tier 4)
  • Kerstin Boyd – “Kerstin Boyd is an excellent all round family law barrister. She has a calm approach both with judges and clients alike. She is able to understand complex material and ensure that the client’s case is properly put forward either during oral or written submissions.(Tier 4)
  • Gwyn Evans – “Gwyn approaches every case as though it were the most important of his career. This leads to utter confidence and reassurance which always impresses clients. Gwyn maintains this approach in negotiations with opponents which regularly leads to successful settlement.” (Tier 4)



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