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2017 Update: Nuptial Agreements & Spousal Maintenance

10th May 2017

Join Gwyn Evans and Estelle Lear of the Tanfield Private Client Group to discuss nuptial agreements and spousal maintenance. Email to reserve your place.

The seminar consists of two 30 minute sessions covering the following information:

A Meal Ticket for Life?

The issue of spousal maintenance can generate a lot of heat (and correspondence) on both sides of a divorce.  In this seminar Gwyn Evans considers recent case-law, including guidance distilled from the higher courts by Mostyn J in SS v NS (Spousal Maintenance) [2014] EWHC 4183 (Fam) and by Moylan J in BD v FD (Financial Remedies: Needs) [2016] EWHC 594 (Fam).

Gwyn will offer practical tips for making or defending a spousal maintenance claim, quantifying need, dealing with bonuses, capitalising claims, extending terms, grappling with ‘cohabitation’ and obtaining legal services payment orders and maintenance pending suit.

Nuptial Agreements – A Whistlestop Tour

With the dust having settled from Radmacher v Granatino [2010] UKSC 42, how should you be advising clients who ask about drafting pre-nuptial agreements?  What about relationships with a foreign element?  Is it possible to draft a nuptial agreement at the eleventh hour? Estelle Lear analyses the approach of the courts in WW v HW [2015] EWHC 1844 (Fam), Luckwell v Limata [2014] EWHC 502 (Fam), AH v PH [2014] 2 FLR 251, SA –v- PA [2014] 2 FLR 1028 and other key cases.  Estelle also offers guidance for advising clients who later allege an agreement is unfair: what factors affect whether the agreement will be upheld or not by a court?


  • 18:00 – Registration
  • 18:15 – Topic One: Spousal Maintenance
  • 18:45 – Topic Two: Nuptial Agreements
  • 19:15 – Networking Drinks


  • Tanfield Chambers, 2-5 Warwick Court, London, WC1R 5DJ
Team: Estelle Lear
Expertise: Private Client, Matrimonial Finance & Divorce


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