Summer Property News

  • Date: 28 Jun, 2016
  • In: Updates and Bulletins

In this latest edition of Tanfield's Property Law update members of our specialist team discuss the key cases they have acted in or advised on, as well as those they feel will be of interest. Articles include commentary on Sloane Stanley v Mundy ("the Hedonic Regression case"), Stamp Duty Land Tax, Residential Rights and the Deferment Rate.

We also announce booking details for a number of autumn property law events. For more information on our property law specialistsarticles or events, please contact us.

Sloane Stanley v Mundy and others

AT A GLANCE: Counsel for Respondents Philip Rainey QC presents highlights and a link to the full judgment here.

In these claims concerning the valuation of premiums under the Leasehold Reform Housing and Urban Development Act 1993, Mark Loveday presents a detailed study of “the Hedonic Regression case”.  For the full article click here


Stamp Duty Land Tax

Does the 3% second home surcharge apply to statutory lease extensions and enfranchisement under the 1993 and 1967 Acts? Harriet Holmes discusses this in more detail here.

Deferment Rate Revisited

Piers Harrison's latest article he revisits the Deferment Rate. A key input in every enfranchisement claim he asks whether it relates to the enfranchisement of a house, block of flats or the extension of a flat lease.  For the full article click here.

Beware of residential rights

How mixed-use developers can design buildings to avoid certain residential rights arising. Previously published in Estates Gazette, Nicola Muir writes on this in more detail here.