Forthcoming Family Law book Same Sex Marriage & Civil Partnership: The New Law


The book sets out the effect of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013, the principal provisions of which came into effect on 13 March, leading to the first same–sex marriages in England and Wales on 29 March. It also deals with the other developments in the law relating to civil partnerships and same-sex families since the publication of  the authors’ previous book, Civil Partnership: the New Law in 2005 and compares the law relating to cohabitants.
In particular, it addresses:

Civil registration
Religious ceremonies
Financial remedies
Inheritance and pensions
Immigration and asylum
International and inter-UK recognition
Human rights, discrimination and freedom of conscience and religion
The history and development of marriage
The genesis of the MSSCA, including analysis of the Parliamentary debates
The residual differences between same sex marriage, civil partnership and opposite sex marriage

Appendices contain the full text of the MSSCA 2013  and relevant extracts from the CPA 2004.

Publication Date: 10th May 2014

Co-authors: Mark Harper& Katherine Landells of Withers, Martin Downs of 1 Crown Office Row and S. Chelvan of No5 Chambers.