Leasehold Enfranchisement - 2017 Annual Conference

Both Philip Rainey QC and Mark Loveday will be speaking at MBL's Leasehold Enfranchisement - 2017 Annual Conference on Wednesday 26th April. Details of their topics are below:

Collective Enfranchisement - The Side Dishes

Philip Rainey QC, Tanfield Chambers

This session will explore what the tenants can acquire in addition to the 'main course' of the freehold of the block:

  • Appurtenant property
  • Unallocated land; amenity land over which lessees lack user rights
  • Recent developments concerning 'permanent rights'
  • Potential to retain the power to regulate
  • Leasehold interests which may - or may not - be acquired
  • Void areas; landlord's own areas; common parts subject to adequate reserved rights.

Case law Update

Mark Loveday, Tanfield Chambers

  • Leasehold Relativity - Sloane Stanley v Mund, Mallory v Orchidbase
  • When are terms of acquisition agreed? - Fazil v Portman, Greenpine v Howard de Walden
  • Rights of intermediate leasehold owners - Accordway
  • Permanent or revocable rights? - 4-6 Trinity Church Square