Duel and Duality or Miller-lite

Sharp v Sharp [2017] EWCA Civ 408

  • Gwyn Evans Author: Gwyn Evans
  • Date: 21 Jun, 2017
  • In: Articles

The Court of Appeal clarified last week whether the principle of 'equal sharing' (ultimately deriving from the seminal decision of White v White [2001] 1 AC 596) applied to a short, childless marriage in which both parties had worked, and where their finances had been kept separate.

Mrs Sharp appealed the 'extremely clear and well-crafted judgment' of Sir Peter Singer (see Gwyn’s FamilyLawWeek case summary of JS v RS [2015] EWHC 2921 here) in which her former husband had been awarded £2.75 million - i.e. half of what was (then) the matrimonial pot of £5.45 million.

Gwyn’s full analysis will appear in LexisNexis’ Family Law journal in August 2017. In the meantime Gwyn summarises the key points arising from this successful appeal here.