Philip Rainey QC

Philip Rainey QC

Year of call: 1990

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Philip is head of chambers, and took Silk in 2010 “…to the unequivocal delight of the market” (Chambers UK 2011).   

Philip is a specialist in property litigation.  His practice straddles the commercial/residential divide; it encompasses all aspects of real property, commercial L&T, as well as the residential L&T (particularly enfranchisement and service charges) for which Philip is perhaps best known. He has a wealth of experience at the highest level; he has taken five cases to the Lords/Supreme Court and numerous others to the Court of Appeal.

"A true star with a first-class brain" (Legal 500 2015)

"Philip is extremely user-friendly. His advice is clear, definitive and reasoned, and his willingness to provide strong opinions gives you real faith in your position." (Chambers UK 2014)

Real Estate Junior of the Year, Chambers Bar Awards 2009

Barrister of the Year, Enfranchisement Awards 2009 and 2016


Philip is a specialist in property litigation.  His practice straddles the commercial/residential divide; it encompasses all aspects of real property, commercial L&T, as well as the residential L&T (particularly enfranchisement and service charges) for which Philip is perhaps best known.

Philip has considerable experience acting for and against developers, in respect of options, overage disputes, establishing service charges, offplan sales, social and affordable housing aspects and the problems of mixed use among others.

Philip has appeared in many leading cases in the property field, including Kumarasamy v Edwards [2016] UKSC 40 [2016] AC 1334 (dilapidations), Menelaou v Bank of Cyprus [2016] AC 176 (mortgagee's subrogation rights), and the "squatters rights" judicial review in  R(Best) v Chief Land Registrar [2015] 2 P&CR 1.  Philip earlier appeared in Cadogan v Sportelli  [2010] 1 AC 226  and Howard de Walden v Aggio [2009] 1 AC 39 in the House of Lords and Daejan Investments v Benson [2013] 1 WLR 854 in the Supreme Court.

Philip has extensive experience in mortgage and guarantee claims, rent review, dilapidations, easements, restrictive covenants, boundary disputes, property-insolvency and contracts for sale.  He knows his way around a party wall and the 1996 Act.  Philip is experienced in arbitration and expert determination, both as advocate before the third party and in challenging the award or determination in court. He also undertakes a range of work which shades into the commercial arena, including overage and clawback, profit sharing, aspects of banking law, economic torts, fiduciary duty claims, freezing injunctions etc.  His clients range from landed estates, listed property companies and banks to individual tenants.

Philip has a keen, apolitical interest in law reform in the field of landlord and tenant law.  He has presented papers to the All Party Parliamentary Group on leasehold reform, and he assisted the Law Commission with its project on "Event Fees" in the retirement housing sector.  He is a regular speaker on property law issues.

Notable Cases

Real estate and commercial property

[confidential] v [confidential] (19/12/2016 Commercial Court Unrep)
Land option - pool trust - satisfactory planning consent - arbitration award - 1996 Act appeal

Hautford Ltd v Rotrust Nominees (2016 WL 08309421; appeal pending)
Commercial lease - consent to planning application - unreasonably withheld

Foxland Management Ltd v Redab (18/11/16 HHJ Hand QC)
Party Wall Award - s.10 appeal - third surveyor - whether compellable witness

Investin Chiswick v Firstwood (UK) (22/7/16 Birss J unrep)
Sale of land - development - completion conditions - order for expedition

Menelaou v Bank of Cyprus [2015] UKSC 66 [2016] AC 176
Mortgage - unjust enrichment - subrogation - unpaid vendor's lien

Credit & Mercantile v Kaymuu [2015] 2 P&CR 15 (CA); [2015] EWCA Civ 655
Mortgage - beneficial interest - postponement - costs

MP Kemp Ltd v Bullen Developments Ltd [2014] EWHC 2009 (Ch)

Land option - expert determination - interim injunction - stay of proceedings

Stannard t/a Wyvern Tyres v Gore [2014] QB 1 (CA)
Commercial property - Rylands v Fletcher liability for escape of fire

Rabiu v Marlbray Ltd [2013] EWHC 3272 (Ch)
Sale of land - off-plan - Apart-hotel rooms - sales fairs – validity of contract

Beech v Kennerley [2012] EWCA Civ 158 [2012] 9 EG 150 (CS)
Easement - right of way leading nowhere - boundaries

Wilky Property Holdings v London & Surrey Investment [2011] Arb LR 38 (Ch)
Commercial property - Contract - Dispute Resolution - expert or arbitrator

New Northumbria Hotel Ltd v Maymask (148) LLP [2010] EWHC 1273 (Ch)
Commercial lease – forfeit - chattels – delivery up – damages or injunction

C v C, Citibank's application [2006] 1 FLR 936 (Munby J) 
Mortgage - lender's right to disclosure of evidence - freezing order

Credit & Mercantile plc v Marks [2005] Ch 81 (CA)
Mortgage - sub-charge - right to possession

Oliver Ashworth (Holdings) Ltd v Ballard (Kent) Ltd [2000] Ch.12
Commercial lease – break clause – “Double rent” - waiver

Filering Ltd v Taylor Commercial Ltd [1996] EGCS 95 (CA)
Business tenancy - surrender by operation of law

Provident Mutual v Greater London Employers Association [1996] 1 EGLR 106 (Ch.D)
Business tenancy - termination - s.27 notice


Al-Rawas v Hassan Khan & Co [2017] EWCA Civ 42 [2017] PNLR 13 (CA)
Counterclaim - amendment - relation back - Limitation period

Hanlon v Human Capital Investment Grp The Times 7 June 2013 (Ch.D)
Acquisition of business – alleged agreement

Kensington International v Republic of Congo [2006] 2 CLC 588 (Comm Ct)
Search order - non-party - cross examination

Residential L&T, enfranchisement and RTM

John Lyon's Charity v Lond Sephardi Trust [2017] EWCA Civ 846
Interpretation Act 1978 - repeal and re-enactment - enfranchisement 

Southwark LBC v Akhtar [2017] UKUT 150
Service charges - demands - waiver - s.20B LLTA 1985

Kumarasamy v Edwards [2016] UKSC 40 [2016] AC 1334
Dilapidations - notice requirement - common parts - s.11 LLTA 1985 - easement

Tedworth North Management v Miller [2016] UKUT 0522 (LC)
Dilapidations - windows - service charges - partial replacement

Melbury Road Properties 1995 Ltd v Cornet [2016] UKHC 1652 (Fam)
Enfranchisement - nominee purchaser - trusteeship - intention

Trustees of the Sloane Stanley Estate v Mundy [2016] RVR 327 (UT)
Enfranchisement - relativity - hedonic regression

West End (Cowell Grp) v Birchlea [2016] 4 WLR 4 (Ch)
Party wall - enfranchisement - house - not disqualified by split-ownership wall

R (Best) v Chief Land Registrar [2015] EWCA Civ 17 [2015] 2 P&CR 1 (CA) on appeal from [2014] 3 All ER 637 (Admin Ct)

Adverse Possession - Illegality - Criminalisation of squatting, s.144 LASPOA

Ninety Broomfield Road RTM Co v Triplerose [2016] 1 WLR 275 (CA)
Right to manage - no multi-block RTM

Trustees of the Cooper Dean Charity v Greensleeves Owners Ltd [2015] UKUT 0320 (LC)

Collective enfranchisement - negative values - freehold price - Human Rights

Merie Bin Mahfouz Company (UK) Ltd v Barrie House (Freehold) Ltd [2015] L&TR 21; [2014] UKUT 0390 (LC)

Enfranchisement - rights to lease back

Di Marco v Morshead Mansions [2014] 1 WLR 1799 (CA)
Service charges - no injunction for provision of summaries under LTA 1985 s.21

Bolton v Godwin-Austen [2014] 1 P&CR 15 (CA)
Enfranchisement - lease extensions - agreement of terms of acquisition

Fencott Ltd v Lyttelton Court RTM Company [2014] UKUT 0027 (LC)
RTM - multiple-block RTM - effect of a "global RTM company"

Albion Residential Ltd v Albion Riverside Residents RTM Co Ltd [2014] UKUT 0006 (LC)
RTM - premises qualifying

Brightbest v Meyrick [2014] LTL AC0141297 (HHJ Iain Hughes QC)
Enfranchisement - hostel - not a "house"

Daejan v Benson (No.2) [2013] UKSC 54
Service charge consultation – form of dispensation order

BDW Trading v South Anglia Housing [2014] 1 WLR 920 (Ch)
Service charges – QLTA – developer

R (Wellcome Trust) v Upper Tribunal Lands Chamber [2013] EWHC 2803 (Admin)
Enfranchisement – deferment rate – Judicial Review refused

Voyvoda v Grosvenor [2014] L&TR 10 [2013] 3 EGLR 55 (UT)
Enfranchisement - deferment rate - "Zuckerman addition" disapproved

Southwark LBC v Paul, Benz [2013] UKUT 0375 (LC)
Service charges - apportionment - Borough-wide charges

Southwark LBC v Woelke [2014] L&TR 9; [2013] UKUT 0349 (LC)
Service Charges – additional demands for major works

Henley v Cohen [2013] 2 P&CR 10
Enfranchisement – flat above shop – not a house

Daejan v Benson [2013] UKSC 14, [2013] 1 WLR 854 (SC)
Service charge consultation – dispensation – principles to be applied

Cadogan v Magnohard [2013] 1 WLR 24(CA), Supreme Ct 5/7/12 (unrep)
Enfranchisement - Mansion block - not a "house reasonably so-called"

Wellcome Trust Ltd v 19-22 Onslow Gardens Freehold [2012] RVR 342 (CA)
Permission to appeal refused by Upper Tribunal – no jurisdiction in Court of Appeal

Church Commissioners v Hamidi (4/2/13) HHJ Gerald
Collective enfranchisement - breach of covenant - unlawful means conspiracy

Cadogan v Brahm (23 Pont Street), (23/4/12 LVT)
Capitalisation rate for a near-rack rent

Point West London Ltd v Rothschild Trust (Bermuda) Ltd [2012] EWCA Civ 884
Appeal – reversionary interest – stay of execution

Barrie House Freehold v Merie Bin Mahfouz Company [2012] EWHC 353 (Ch)
Enfranchisement - Freeholder duty - easements - interference - injunction

Southwark LBC v Lessees of Southwark [2011] UKUT 438 (LC) 
Service charges - QLTA - statutory consultation

Craftrule Ltd v 41-60 Albert Palace Mansions Ltd [2011] 1 WLR 2425 (CA); on appeal from [2010] 1WLR 2046 
Collective enfranchisement – “self contained part of a building”

Hemphurst v Durrels House [2011] L&TR 16; [2011] UKUT 6 (LC) 
Collective enfranchisement - right to acquire part-only of a leasehold interest

Cadogan v Sportelli [2010] 1 AC 226 (HL) [2008] 1 WLR 2142 (CA)
Enfranchisement - valuation - hope value

Nailrile v Cadogan [2009] 2 EGLR 151 (LT)
Enfranchisement – valuation of head-leases – negative values

Howard de Walden v Aggio [2009] 1 AC 39 (House of Lords) [2008] Ch 26 (CA)
Enfranchisement (lease extensions), rights of head lessees

Older cases (all areas of practice)

Hussain v Salam [2012] EWHC 1760 (Ch)
Appeal from Land Registry Adjudicator – failure to consider “sham” argument

Stablewood Properties v Virdi [2011] WTLR 723 (CA) 
Agreement creating trust - construction - security interest

Hughes v Borodex [2010] 1 WLR 2682 (CA)
Schedule 10 Local govt & Housing Act 1989 - disregard for tenant improvement

Redbridge LBC v Mustafa [2010] BPIR 893 (Chancellor)
Bankruptcy – Council Tax - annulment – liability for Trustee’s costs

Grosvenor Estate Belgravia v Klaasmeyer [2010] UKUT 69 (LC)[2010] 16 EG 107 (CS)
Enfranchisement - valuation – Belgravia lease escalator clause

Coutts & Co v Chowdery [2009] All ER (D) 144 (Peter Prescott QC)
Appeal - Statutory demand – cheque drawn on uncleared funds

131 Dartmouth Road Ltd v Goldfax Ltd (HHJ Powles QC, 9/10/08, unreported)
Enfranchisement - measurement of non-residential area

Pitts v Cadogan [2007] 3 EGLR 86 (LT)
Enfranchisement: hope value

Pitts v Cadogan (Preliminary issue (1)) [2007] RVR 269 (LT)
Lands Tribunal appeal jurisdiction

29 Eaton Place; McGuckian & others appeal (3/1/08 Lands Tribunal)
Collective Enfranchisement - head lease caretaker's flat - no right to acquire

Arrowdell v Coniston Court (North) Hove Ltd [2007] RVR 39 (LT)
Powers of Lands Tribunal on appeal, LVT use of own experience, development value

Coutts & Co v Passey [2007] BPIR 323
Insolvency - IVA - creditor's meeting - admitting contractual costs claim for voting

West v Newham LBC [2007] 5 Leg Act 28 [2007] EWCA Civ 304
Right to buy, jurisdiction of district valuer and extent of property

Coutts & Co v Sebestyen [2005] CCLR 4 [2005] EWCA Civ 473
Meaning of OFT Determination re: bank overdrafts

Alpha Lettings Ltd v Neptune Research & Development Inc (2003) 147 SJLB 627 [2003] EWCA Civ 704
Notice to determine exclusive distributorship

Re a Debtor (No.35 of 2000) [2002] BPIR 75 (Ch)
Statutory demand - appeal - alleged contract term in restraint of trade

Wandsworth LBC v Manuel [2002] 2 EGLR 128
Jurisdiction of LVT in service charge disputes

Commissioners of Inland Revenue v Bielecki [2001] BPIR 975
Bankruptcy - adjournment - breach of Art 6 ECHR

Reid v Hamblin [2001] BPIR 929
Supervisors costs on void IVA

Noble v Coutts & Co [2001] CLY 4541
Mortgagee - duty of care to borrower

Atlas Ceiling & Partition Co Ltd v Crowngate Estates (Cheltenham) Ltd (2002) 18 Const LJ 49; [2000] CILL 1639 (TCC)
Adjudication, date of contract

Hope v Premierspace (Europe) Ltd [1999] BPIR 695 (Ch.D)
Scope of petition debt

R v Newham LBC ex.p Trendgrove Properties Ltd (1999) 32 HLR 424 (QBD)
Housing grant judicial review

Fitzgerald & Law (a firm) v Ralph [1998] BPIR 42 (Ch.D)
Necessity for permission to appeal, costs, principles applying

Coutts & Co v Vickers [1998] EWCA Civ 75
Freezing injunction – ambiguity – whether improperly made

Antoniades v Wong [1997] 2 BCLC 419 [1998] BCC 58 (CA)
S.459 petition - ordering liquidation when unfair prejudice established

King v Bonnar Court of Appeal transcript 22/6/98
Caveat against probate - failed challenge to Will - indemnity costs ordered

Ashworth Frazer Ltd v Gloucester City Council [1997] 1 EGLR 104 (CA)
Commercial lease - rent review clause - construction

Marath v MacGillivray (1996) 28 HLR 484, The Times 5 Feb 1996, (CA)
Sufficiency of notice under HA 1988 s.88 and LLTA 1987

Re: Nowmost Co Ltd [1996] BCLC 492 (Ch.D)
Costs, principles applying

Amersfort Ltd v Kelly Nichols & Blayney [1996] EGCS 156 (Ch.D)
Solicitors negligence



Philip has a broad property litigation practice, within which he is renowned among peers and clients for his expertise in leasehold enfranchisement matters. He undertakes high-value or legally, complex matters across the property litigation field.

"He is very quick and bright, and a spectacular cross-examiner." "He has a huge brain and is very bright. He tactically does a great job."

"A true star with a first-class brain" Legal 500 2015

"His expertise and knowledge of long leasehold and enfranchisment work are hard to beat"

"A very good advocate with a commercial, client-friendly approach"

Chambers & Partners 2015

Considered a go-to counsel and a leading light on leasehold charges and enfranchisement matters. He is noted for his "fearsome" courtroom advocacy and for acting on complex and high-value cases. 

"Philip is extremely user-friendly. His advice is clear, definitive and reasoned, and his willingness to provide strong opinions gives you real faith in your position." "He is responsive and technically excellent whilst also displaying superb commercial awareness." Chambers & Partners 2014

pre-eminent’;  ‘technically excellent, and displays superb commercial awareness

‘A real star, who is highly intelligent and a skilled advocate.’

Legal 500


Real Estate Junior Barrister of the Year, Chambers Bar Awards 2009


Member, Civil Procedure Rules Committee, 2001 - 2008



Co-author: Megarry's Manual of the Law of Real Property 9th edition (Sweet & Maxwell 2014)

Co-author: Service Charges and Management; 3rd edition (Sweet & Maxwell 2013)

Co-author: Rent Review: A Surveyor's Handbook (RICS 2008)

Contributor: Smith & Monkcom, The Law of Gambling; 4th edition (Bloomsbury 2017)



LLB (Hons); MCIArb


Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (MCIArb)

Chancery Bar Association

Property Bar Association

Association of Leasehold Enfranchisement Practitioners


A smattering of French; a lesser smattering of German; not enough of either to be at all useful