Gareth Jones

Gareth Jones

  • Downing College Prize
  • Rebecca Squire Scholar, Cambridge University
  • BA, MA Law Downing College, Cambridge University (1983-1986)

Gareth Jones is an associate tenant at Tanfield, his practice focuses on wills, trusts and probate, and the problems that can arise in the administration of them, this includes Inheritance Act applications as well as fully contested probate and administration acts. He also enjoys land law and boundary and easement disputes. Cases that fall within the Trusts of Land Act are particularly interesting to him as they combine trusts and land, two of his favourite areas.

He has a relaxed style that aims to put clients, both professional and lay, at their ease and his keen sense of humour often helps cut through the tension of problematic situations. As someone who really enjoys his work Gareth places client satisfaction at the highest premium and aims to offer a quality service at a reasonable cost.

The recent changes in Civil Procedure have made constructive settlement even more important and central to the litigation process. With his naturally relaxed and good natured approach, Gareth is ideally suited to the new methods, whilst never without the resolve or commitment to pursue the clients interests to the uttermost where the situation calls for it.

Gareth was recently awarded Dispute Resolution Barrister of the Year-Wales by the prestigious Acquisition International Magazine M&A awards. He is looking to expand his London based practice.

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