Dr Mark Hoyle

Dr Mark Hoyle

Mark Hoyle has over twenty five years’ experience of expert advisory work on Egyptian law, and over twenty two years’ relevant experience of other Arab laws, both in advising private clients and governmental organisations in and from the Middle East and elsewhere.

He is also asked from time to time to advise on the cultures and traditions of Arab and Moslem countries. Ilustrations of his expert court work include Iraqi and Kuwaiti law in the Kuwati Airways litigation against Iraq Airways, commercial fraud in the Kuwait Oil Tanker case, and UAE constitutional and commercial law in the Dubai Aluminium case. He gave expert evidence in Texas on Afghan law in the Bridas case.

Areas of expertise

Commercial dispute resolution (especially joint ventures, international trade, transnational disputes), private international law, freezing and search orders, interlocutory injunctions and interim protective measures, and asset tracing.

Mark has received appointments as an arbitrator since 1999. He is frequently appointed as an arbitrator in disputes concerning Arab and Islamic jurisdictions and has wide experience of the Arab world. Appointing organisnations include the International Chamber of Commerce, London Court of International Arbitration, Law Society, and Chartered Institute (London). Mark is willing to accept ad hoc appointments. He is a Chartered Arbitrator. He has acted as mediator since 2001, in private and court appointed meditations.