Peter D Cameron

Peter is a Door Tenant at Tanfield Chambers and is affiliated to the International Dispute Resolution Group.

Peter is a specialist in international energy and natural resources law, including oil, gas, electricity, nuclear power, renewable energy and mining matters. He has been recognised as one of the world's leading authorities in this field as a result of his more than 30 years' experience and prolific publications on a wide range of topics.

Peter is regularly asked to act as an Expert Witness in international arbitral proceedings. He has given testimony in proceedings before the London Court of International Arbitration, the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chambers of Commerce, and soon before the International Chambers of Commerce in Paris and International Centre for the Settlement of Investment Dispute in Washington DC.

He has often worked  as an advisor or consultant to governments, particularly in the developing world, companies and to international organisations such as The World Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, various organs of the United Nations, the European Commission and the African Petroleum Producers Association.

He has held academic posts in International and EU Law and is currently the Director of the world's leading graduate institution in this field, the Centre for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy (CEPMLP) at the University of Dundee in Scotland. He has held visiting or part-time posts at the University of Oxford, UK, Stanford University, USA; the University of Madrid (Autonoma), Spain and the European University Institute, Italy. He is a Professional Fellow at the University of Edinburgh's Europa Institute.

Peter is the author of editor of more than a dozen books and over a hundred articles over 30 years, including most recently, the sole authored monographs, 'International Energy Investment Law: the Pursuit of Stability' (Oxford University Press, 2010) and ' Competition in Energy Markets: Law and Regulation in the European Union' (OUP, 2007).

His published work on stabilisation clauses in international oil contracts has been cited in pleadings in a number of ongoing arbitration hearings.


University of Edinburgh, 1974-1977, PhD, Title of Thesis "Property Rights and Sovereign Rights: the case of North Sea Oil", 1980; and

University of Edinburgh, 1970-1974, LLB, Joint Honours in Law and Politics 1974


Professional Fellow, University of Edinburgh School of Law, 2009 to date.

General Rapporteur, FIDE European Law Congress, 2011 -2012

Professor, Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, European University Institute, 2002-2005

Board Member, Association of International Petroleum Negotiators, 2009-2011

Member of Panel of Experts, Oil and Gas Taxation, HM Revenue & Customs, 2009