John Buck specializes primarily in family and public law, having had a broad background in criminal and civil litigation, the latter ranging from residential landlord and tenant disputes, professional and clinical negligence and Inheritance Act claims. He is instructed in cases against the police.

His public law practice encompasses Care Proceedings and Court of Protection work. His Private Client work includes Trusts of Land and Financial Remedies, Wills and Probate as well as cases with an international element such as leave to remove and child abduction.

He appeared in a case lasting over three weeks in the Care Standards Tribunal against a QC setting the benchmark for determining fitness to practise under the Care Standards Act 2000 in which there were over 30 witnesses from local authorities all over England and Wales.

He has recently appeared three times in the Court of Appeal in cases ranging from an appeal against an adoption order, against the withholding of contact to parents of chidlren in care, against the refusal to award spousal maintenance.

In 2013 he represented the victim of police misconduct in an extremely high profile case (featured in newspapers, national BBC news etc.)

In 2014 he appeared in an international relocation case representing one of two fathers opposing the application of a HNW individual to remove their children with her to Japan where she had found a banking job; in 2015 representing a mother in her application for leave to remove her children to Switzerland featuring difficult issues under Brusseis II Bis arising from enforcement proceedings in two jurisdictions.

In 2017 he represented a Local Authority: (a) in a case with an 18-day fact finding proving all allegations of serial phyical and emotional abuse against a father within a period overlapping inconsistent findings in previous High Court proceedings; (b) in a case proving in a fact finding one of 7 family members had posisoned a 12-day old baby to within 30 minutes of his death by placing crushed Tramadol tablets in his powdered milk. 

He is currently invovled in a financial remedies case involving eight properties and three intervenors in which it is alleged Trust Deeds should be set aside for undue influence or as shams.










Notable Cases