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Kerry Bretherton QC successfully acted for the respondent in the case Vance v Collerton

8th November 2019

In Vance v Collerton,[2019] EWHC 2866 (Ch)  Kerry Bretherton QC acted for the successful Respondent. The issue in this...

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Welford v Graham [2017] UKUT 297 (TCC)

11th September 2017

When considering the burden of proof in relation to an alleged easement by prescription, the Upper Tribunal held that,...

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In what circumstances can a court alter or rectify the land register where there has been a ‘mistake’?

4th August 2017

It is well known that the governing principle of the Land Registration Act 2002 is to enable anyone to be aware of any...

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Past Events

Rights in the countryside – public and private rights of way, village greens, coastal access and shooting rights

17th Jul 2017

Join us for our next property seminar dealing with issues of importance to do with rights in the countryside. Topics The...

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Rights to Light: The Assessment of Damages in Lieu of an Injunction

31st May 2016

Introduction An easement is appurtenant to land and not a personal right of the owner. As such, the easement can be...

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