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Granting an option to purchase a shareholding to a party as relief for unfair prejudice was within the court’s discretion

14th July 2015

Thomas v Dawson [2015] EWCA Civ 706 - Court of Appeal (Civil Division) As reported on Westlaw. Summary Granting an...

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Past Events

Private Client Autumn Update – Financial Orders & TLATA

9th Oct 2014

James Hamerton-Stove: "Financial Orders - General Update". Gwyn Evans: "Improving your financial remedy skills: tips,...

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Past Events

Wills that Whiff & The Mamas & Papas

19th Jun 2014

Topics Mamas & Papas by Gerald Wilson. Wills That Whiff by Gareth Jones. Venue Tanfield Chambers, 2-5...

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Past Events

If you can’t save your marriage at least save your tax!

20th Feb 2014

Topics Tax Issues on Separation & Divorce by Joseph Howard. A Troubled End: Inheritance Relief for disappointed...

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