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Development agreements: the contractual duty to act in good faith

25th October 2023

Jonathan Upton looks at why parties to a development agreement need to be aware of the general principles applying to good...

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Andrew Butler KC and Richard Alford in significant “business breakdown” decision

5th June 2023

Andrew Butler KC and Richard Alford have been involved in a case which has potentially significant implications for joint...

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Ten Minutes with Tanfield (Episode 1) – Good Faith

4th October 2022

In the first webcast of a new series, Sara Jabbari and Andrew Butler KC discuss the Court of Appeal’s decision in Candey v...

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When is an agreement for ‘more than twelve months’?

7th June 2017

Nicola Muir reports on the decision in Corvan (Properties) Ltd v Abdel-Mahmoud [2017] UKUT 0228 (LC) in which she represented...

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