Termination of Residential Tenancies & Leases

Our Termination of Residential Tenancies & Leases Expertise

If a landlord wishes to terminate a residential tenancy or licence, the relevant notice and procedures depend on the nature of the agreement. Types of agreement include long leases, assured shorthold tenancies (AST), assured tenancies, Rent Act protected tenancies, secure tenancies, Introductory tenancies and licences.

Barristers at Tanfield are well known for their expertise in Residential Landlord & Tenant matters. Our members can advise on disputes relating to the Termination of Residential Tenancies & Leases and provide representation in all courts and tribunals (from First Tier Tribunal (Property Chamber) and County Court through to the Supreme Court).

Tanfield brings a practical understanding to this complex area of the law and can assist with the many types of dispute which can arise. These include problems relating to forfeiture claims, break clauses, security of tenure, frustration, notices to quit, breach of terms, possession claims, statutory termination, deposit protection and recovery, harassment, eviction and surrender.

Our Termination of Residential Tenancies & Leases Clients

Tanfield’s clients include leading specialist property law firms, property professionals, individual and corporate landlords, social landlords, tenants, lessees and licensees.

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