Chattel Mortgages

Our Chattel Mortgages Expertise

Tanfield’s Banking & Mortgages barristers have expertise in all of the issues that arise when money is lent, including Mortgages on Chattels.

Acting for both lenders and property-owners, barristers at Tanfield combine an established practice in Mortgage Possessions, Securities and Mortgages of things in action, as well as Forfeiture, Land Registration, Conveyancing and Contracts for the Sale of Land.

Our Chattel Mortgages Clients

Our clients range from the many large, institutional lenders, to smaller, high-street lenders, specialist lending funds and regulators, as well as commercial clients ranging in size from SMEs through to multinational organisations.

Our Chattel Mortgages Barristers

Timothy Polli KC

Call 1997 Silk 2018

Robert Bowker

Call 1995

Piers Harrison

Call 1997

Marc Glover

Call 1999

Adrian Carr

Call 1999

James Castle

Call 2015