Article by Andrew Butler deployed in Supreme Court Appeal

28th June 2013

An article written by Andrew Butler in the Solicitors’ Journal has been deployed in a recent appeal in the Supreme Court.

In the article (World Service (2012) 156 SJ 8 at pp.16-17), Andrew was critical of a decision of the Court of Appeal in a case called Abela v Baaderani, concerning the validity of attempted service out of the jurisdiction. The article was cited by the Appellant in his application for permission to appeal. The application was successful and the article was then included in the Core Bundle at the hearing. The decision was overturned, their Lordships identifying many of the same points made in the article.

Andrew has a niche expertise in service, having appeared in two leading cases (Marshall v Maggs, reported under Collyer v Bristow [2006] 1 WLR 1945, and Hart v Fidler [2007] TCLR 1) and having lectured and written extensively on the subject.



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